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August 2018

By Anil Kumar, PhDArticle's theme: Thyroid hormones, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and key risk factors. What is Thyroid?Thyroid is one of the most critical glands for human well-being, particularly during pregnancy and childhood. Today, thyroid disease is a global health problem that impacts a significant population—including those in advanced economies despite widespread testing and continuous lowering of treatment thresholds that has brought significant

By Anil Kumar, PhD | Last updated: Oct 2, 2018Article's theme: Testosterone levels by age in men; testosterone test; TRT research; FDA guidelines on testosterone testingAgingAging refers to the deterioration of biological functions, over time, that are necessary for survival and fertility. As men age, there are telltale signs of the aging process. After they get into their 30s, commonly observed changes