COVID-19 – Most Trusted Resources

COVID-19 – Most Trusted Resources

COVID-19 and Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2 – Helpful Resources


The most credible information on COVID-19 nCOV from key health global authorities.


Resources:   FDA  |  CDC  |  WHO  |  European CDC  |   China CDC   |  Infections Daily Trend  |   COVIDnearU   |  Our World in Data  |  Nature  |  Science  |  NEJM   |   IFTL – Covid19   |   Real-time US Fever Map   |   LitCovid – up-to-date pubMed   |   AI-based Symptoms Checkup   |   LiveTracker1   | LiveTracker2   |   Chatbot1   |   EHR Apps: Andaman7   |   Mental Health: Wellnite   |   Mesothelioma & covid19   |  National Academies


Virus Research, Vaccines, Immunity & Cure


13. Early data suggest strong antibodies response to SARS-CoV-2, at least for 4 months (NEJM 9/1/2020).

COVID-19 IgG, IgM antibody trend


12.   SARS CoV-2 is a single-strand RNA virus with 30,000 letters that’s constantly mutating (NYTimes 4/30/2020). is constantly tracking them.

Coronavirus RNA mutations


11.   Different routes to developing the vaccine. The Economist 4/16/2020; Nature 4/28/2020. They are all trying to make the Spike-protein.

Different approaches to developing vaccines


10.   Convalescent plasma studies show immunity develops in most exposed people. About half the population may already have immunity due to common-cold viruses (Cell 5/14/2020 and Charite pre-print 4/22/2020).

COVID19 immunity - convalescent plasma


9.   Research Publications: pre-prints on infection, testing and vaccine development.

8.   BioMed Central publications on rapid research of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV2.

7.   BiorXiv & MedrXiv Pre-prints on latest research on the pandemic.

6.   How exactly does the virus bind to the cell, through the ACE2 recepters on the cell? JAMA 3/5/2020

5.   Over 90% of human COVID-19 genome matches with those found in Pangolian and Bats (Current Biology 3/19/2020). Early identification in this genome sequencing data (2/3/2020).

4.   Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine trial coverage by Science magazine (3/25/2020).

3.   Plant based remedies may not cure, but often help alleviate the symptoms (Nature 3/16/2020).

2.   Tracking the status of COVID-19 vaccines: RAPS (8/15/2020).

1. FDA page tracking COVID-19 treatments: CTAP (8/16/2020).


Type of COVID-19 Treatment Being Studied

COVID-19 treatments




1.   Incubation Time: Average incubation time of COVID-19 about 5.5 days. Average time for fever 5.7 days. First symptoms appear in about 11.5 days for most cases. (NEJM Catalyst)

2.   Symptoms: Fever, cough and shortness of breath (CDC’s list of symptoms).

3.   Tip: Proper hand washing technique (YouTube).

4.   High risk of infection from stool – virus detected on average 11 days after negative results from nose & throat (Lancet 3/19/2020).

5.   COVID-19 testing and treatment is allowed by high-deductible (HDHP) plans as per temporary IRS guideline (as of 3/11/2020).

6. Tested positive, now what? Don’t panic. Few tips from an infectious disease doctor (Medium, 3/30/2020).

7. Does any mask help, even a scarf? It depends, says a 2013 study of different materials shown in the chart below.


Comparison of mask material for virus

Comparison of mask material from a 2013 pandemic preparedness study.

Air flow and particle spread

Air flow during various improvisations to cover the face (The Lancet, 2014).


Video of cough spread with and without masks (The Royal Society, 2009)


COVID-19 Corona Virus Surface Stability Time


Symptoms of COVID19

Symptoms of 1099 positive cases from Wuhan, China (NEJM updated Mar 6, 2020)


Gut health impacted by the corona virus pandemic

About 16% affected people see digestive symptoms (3/25/2020)


Corona virus effects on children

Most cases are mild to moderate among children (3/16/2020)


corona virus affects children and infants

Infants are at highest risk among children with severe and critical symptoms (3/16/2020)


Testing for COVID-19

1.   Different types of tests: DNA/RNA test uses a nose and/or throat swab (rt-PCR); the blood test checks for antibodies (serology test) (CDC Lab Work). Saliva based test with 92% success (12 Feb 2020). There are few other tests (FDA’s full list of approved tests).

2.   Nasal or throat swab? What’s the most effective sample to test? (JAMA 3/17/2020) – cough: 72%, nasal swab: 63% (contains most virus), throat: 32%, stool: 29% (can potentially transmit even without diarrhea – JAMA 3/4/2020), blood: 1%, urine: 0%.


How to Obtain a Nasopharyngeal Swab Specimen? The New England Journal of Medicine explains.



3.   How long virus lives on surfaces? (NEJM 3/17/2020) – Plastics: over 3 days, Stainless steel: over 2 days, Card-board: less than 1 day, Copper: less than 4 hours, Air: half-life less than 1 hour. Also see: cleaning works, PPE, masks, gowns protect (JAMA 3/4/2020).

4.   Guidelines on sample collection, handling, storing & shipping: most up-to-date CDC guidelines.

5.   Fraudulent Tests: FDA warning on unauthorized tests for public risk.

6.   Recommended nasal and throat swabs from Puritan Medical Products.

7.   How to collect samples with nasal swabs for all ages: Copan’s demo video for various ages.

8.   An at-home blood sample collection video with instructions.


Corona virus spread paths in masks, swabs

Nasal swabs are painful, but they have millions more viruses (Nature Medicine 4/3/2020).


nCoV virus infection from stool

Stool samples are at much higher risk of contamination (even after recovery) – (Lancet 3/19/2020)


corona virus prolong shedding in stool

Two cases showing virus can be detected on day 4 but lasts longer in fecal samples. (Lancet, 3/24/2020)


Lab Guidelines

1.   Diagnostic Test can be launched by any certified lab as FDA delegated testing responsibility to states on 3/16/2020.

2.   Tested positive? Report to your local and state authorities using these latest CDC guidelines.

3.   CDC’s Information for Laboratories: provides technical guidance to doctors and labs about testing.

4.   Lab Testing: WHO’s technical guidance for labs to develop tests from human samples.


Corona virus and seasons of infection



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