Heart Health – Cholesterol Test

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Markers tested for At Home Cholesterol and Heart Health Test: HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, triglycerides, hs-CRP, HbA1c

Available across US except in NY, NJ, MD and RI.

The test will check CholesterolHDL, LDL, Triglycerides, hs-CRP, and HbA1c and a physician will review the results for a healthy heart, chronic inflammation, and risk of developing diabetes.

Test Details

What is a Heart Health test?

A Heart Health test, also called a total cholesterol test or a lipid profile test determines the risk of heart disease from plaque build up in the arteries.

What does the test measure and why?

The test measures four key fats (lipids) and two related markers:

  1. Low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol: The ‘bad’ cholesterol that builds up fatty deposits of plaque and blocks the arteries increasing the risk of heart attack.
  2. High density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol: The ‘good’ cholesterol that carries away LDL and helps arteries clear of plaque.
  3. Total cholesterol: This is the sum of blood’s cholesterol content.
  4. Triglycerides: A type of fat stored in blood from the excess calories we consume. High triglycerides result from excess body fat, sedentary lifestyle, high consumption of sugar, alcohol or from smoking or diabetes.
  5. hs-CRP: The high-sensitivity C-Reactive Protein can detect low levels of inflammation that is associated with risks of developing heart diseases, especially for those with family history of heart problems or previous strokes.
  6. HbA1c: A measure of glucose levels over last 3 months and known to be a good indicator of developing diabetes in future.

How to get tested for cholesterol and heart health?

The easiest low-cost way to get tested for Cholesterol and heart health is from the convenience of your home. Simply order a Cholesterol and heart health test kit, collect a few drops of blood (using finger prick) on a tissue paper, send your sample to our CLIA-certified labs, and find out your levels in less than a week.

Read More…

For a short description of the Cholesterol test, you can read the Mayo Clinic page on Cholesterol test. For understanding the role of hs-CRP in cardiovascular diseases, read Webmd’s page on CRP test. You can also order a separate at-home HbA1c test or an at-home Vitamin D and inflammation test.


Q: Can I purchase the test across US?

A: Except New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Maryland our tests are available in all 46 states. State regulations in NY, NJ, RI, and MD do not allow us to ship the tests to their residents.

Q: What does the kit contain and how do I use it?

A: The kit for our at-home Cholesterol and Heart Health test contains a blood card to collect few droplets of blood, a pair of lancets for finger-pricking, instructions on how to collect the sample, and a form requesting basic information including date and time of collection. The directions are straight forward and easy to follow.

Q: How long does it take to receive the results?

A: You will receive the kit within 3-5 business days with a prepaid return envelope. After you ship the sample and it is received by our lab, you get the results within 5 business days.

Q: What do I expect from the report?

A: The report with your test results will be easy to understand and will have all the necessary details. It will mark your levels for HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, triglycerides, hs-CRP, and HbA1c on a range expected for healthy levels. The report will also specify what are the expected low and high ranges. It will briefly discuss what your numbers mean and what next steps should be taken to maintain healthy levels.

Q: Can I use my insurance to pay for the test?

A: You can use HSA (or FSA/MSA/HRA) accounts to pay for the tests since these are prescription tests (for further confirmation, please check the IRS publication#969). However, please ensure you are not going outside your specified max and min deductible limits. We do not have the capability to process the insurance claim. Insurance plans vary by individuals, therefore we can not guarantee your HSA payment will always be processed by your plan. Please talk to your insurance provider if you have any further concerns.

Q: How reliable are my results?

A: We have partnered with CLIA-certified labs that are used by physicians across the US. These labs are regulated by the states, as well as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Majority of the tests from these labs are FDA approved to ensure they meet the proper regulatory requirements. Additionally, the College of American Pathologists (CAP) requires inter-laboratory tests to ensure the ranges established by each lab do not drift or are not out of acceptable ranges. This is done by regularly testing reference samples between different labs. Finally, the labs test thousands of sample for different age groups and health conditions, and have well established reference data to compare your results against this large pool.

Q: Can you recommend what therapy should I take if my testosterone levels are low?

A: Unfortunately, no. As a lab test provider we can only test and report out data from your samples. We are not authorized to provide any medical recommendations. But we strongly encourage you to discuss the results with your doctor for next steps. It is recommended to monitor the cholesterol and lipid levels every 6 to 12 months for a healthy heart.

Reasons to Check

5 reasons to Test for Cholesterol and Heart Health:

  1. A quick Cholesterol and Heart Health test ordered from home can help check your cardiovascular health and assess whether you need to make any life style changes to bring your numbers to normally recommended levels for your age.
  2. At-home Cholesterol and heart Health test from can help you understand potential cardiovascular risks arising from any inflammation of coronary arteries and potential heart diseases.
  3. High levels of hs-CRP are indicators of several autoimmune diseases that result in chronic inflammation not easily identifiable in any other way.
  4. An at-home Cholesterol and Heart Health test can help you assess your levels right from the comfort of your home.
  5. Better health results in better quality of life, and a regular at-home Cholesterol and heart health test from can offer insight not only into various health symptoms, but it can serve as a motivation to treat each of these symptoms and have a better quality of life!

Why with Us?

7 reasons to order an at-home Cholesterol and Heart Health test kit from

No lab visits or doctor appointments
Dry blood test (needs just few drops with a finger prick)
World class CLIA-certified labs
Physician reviewed results
Fast, secure, and confidential reports
Free shipping
Qualifies for payment using HSA/FSA

Still wondering where to get a Cholesterol and Heart Health test?

  • Each at-home health test from includes a physician’s prescription and review of the final results. All orders include a detailed report with your test results explained clearly in a manner that you can understand.
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  • The at-home Cholesterol and heart health test ordered at, requires just few drops of blood using a finger-prick (instead of vials of blood taken through venipuncture). The test includes a doctor’s prescription and review, two day free return shipping, and you get results within a week.