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The markers tested for at home testosterone test: Free Testosterone

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The low testosterone test kit measures free testosterone levels using a saliva sample.

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Test Details

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone and is critical for maintaining muscle strength and bone density. It has a similar role in women, however, men have about 10-times more testosterone than women.

Why measure testosterone levels?

The testosterone levels peak in mid-twenties and then gradually decline with age at an approximate rate of 1% per year. However, several other factors may affect these levels, including metabolism, weight gain, nutrition, and family factors (marriage, children, etc.).

Because a key role of testosterone is to build muscles and reduce fat, low levels of testosterone (“low T” or “hypogonadism”) result in weight gain, and muscle and bone loss. A test for low testosterone levels is an important first step in diagnosing hypogonadism.

Abnormally low levels of testosterone result in mood changes that cause anxiety and general crankiness, often associated with getting old. Higher body fat, especially in the middle, results in low endurance, and less tendency to play and exercise. Experts recommend that people with low sexual desire and erectile dysfunction should regularly test testosterone levels.

Other symptoms of low-T include loss of body hair, tendency to sleep after dinner, and dry, flaky skin. You can find a comprehensive list of testosterone deficiency symptoms in our detailed article here.

How to test for low testosterone levels?

The easiest low-cost way to test is by using a testosterone home test (sometimes also called an andropause test). Check testosterone levels at home by simply ordering a saliva testosterone test online. Collect the sample at home, ship it for free to our world class CLIA-certified labs, and find out your testosterone levels in a week. The low testosterone test is especially useful for those fearful of needles as a saliva sample can provide same or sometimes better results compared to a blood sample.

Read More…

For a detailed reference on testosterone including the causes of low testosterone levels, symptoms of testosterone deficiency, reasons to get your testosterone levels tested, the advantages of testosterone saliva test, how to test testosterone levels at home, and more, please read our article: All About Testosterone.

Male HypogonadismMale hypogonadism is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. Learn more from the experts at Mayo Clinic about male hypogonadism.

Testosterone and AgingHow age affects the testosterone levels and what FDA and other experts in the field think the research has shown, read about it here.

Testosterone vs parentingRelationship status, fatherhood, and how invested men are in taking care of their children, all have significant impact on their testosterone levels. Chances of getting married and having a child are higher for those with higher T levels. Read a short summary of the NSF supported study.

Health Testing with Saliva SamplesSaliva based testosterone lab test offers as many samples as desired without requiring a medical professional for sample collection. It is the method of choice for for measuring testosterone, cortisol, and other hormones. Saliva testing technology has matured in last few decades. Results can be comparable, and sometimes even better than blood test. Unlike a blood sample they don’t require any needles. Read the scientific literature summarizing the advantages and concerns of saliva based testing here.


Q: Can I purchase the test across US?

A: Except New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Maryland our tests are available in all 46 states. State regulations in NY, NJ, RI, and MD do not allow us to ship the tests to their residents.

Q: What does the kit contain and how do I use it?

A: The kit contains a tube for saliva sample collection, instructions on how to collect the sample, and a form requesting basic information including date and time of collection. The directions are straight forward and easy to follow.

Q: How long does it take to receive the results?

A: You will receive the kit within 3-5 business days with a prepaid return envelope. After you ship the sample and it is received by our lab, you get the results within 5 business days.

Q: What do I expect from the report?

A: The report will be easy to understand and will mark your free testosterone levels on a healthy range for your age and life style. A sample image is provided on this page. It specifies what are the expected low and high ranges for your age group. It will briefly discuss what your numbers mean and what next steps should be taken to maintain a healthy testosterone levels.

Q: Can I use my insurance to pay for the test?

A: You can use HSA (or FSA/MSA/HRA) accounts to pay for the tests since these are prescription tests (for further confirmation, please check the IRS publication#969). However, please ensure you are not going outside your specified max and min deductible limits. We do not have the capability to process the insurance claim. Since insurance plans vary for individuals we can not guarantee your HSA payment will always be processed by your plan. We suggest talking to your insurance provider if you have any questions.

Q: How reliable are my results?

A: The saliva based testosterone test is a well researched and thoroughly documented procedure.

The variations in results are mainly from two sources: the way samples are collected and the variation from lab-to-lab. Testosterone levels are highest in the morning, when we are most energetic, and then drop during the day. To minimize this variation, you should collect the sample within 30 minutes of waking up, without eating, brushing or putting anything else in your mouth that might contaminate the sample.

To minimize the variation from labs, we have partnered with CLIA-certified labs that are regulated by the states, as well as Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Majority of the tests from these labs are FDA approved to ensure they meet the proper regulatory requirements.

Additionally, the College of American Pathologists (CAP) requires inter-laboratory tests to ensure the ranges established by each lab do not drift or are not out of acceptable ranges. This is done by regularly testing reference samples between different labs. Finally, the labs test thousands of samples for different age groups and health conditions, and have well established reference data to compare your results against this large pool.

Q: Can you recommend what therapy should I take if my testosterone levels are low?

A: Unfortunately, no. As a lab test provider we can only test and report out data from your sample. We are not authorized to provide any medical recommendations. But we strongly encourage you to discuss the results with your doctor for next steps.

Reasons to Check

5 reasons to check testosterone levels:

  1. Our at home testosterone test kit can help understand your body’s receptiveness to weight loss efforts, and any weight training or other physical exercise you are working on.
  2. The low T test kit is a saliva based at home testosterone test kit that can help in improving your libido and sex life.
  3. Low testosterone levels are indicator of low energy and endurance, muscle weakness, increased fatigue, and even depression; a quick testosterone test can help you understand if low testosterone is the root cause of these symptoms.
  4. Poor memory, thinning of bones, premature aging, insomnia, anemia, high blood pressure, and various other symptoms are connected to low testosterone levels.
  5. Better health results in better quality of life, and a single at home testosterone level test from can offer not only insight into various health related symptoms, but can also serve as a motivation to treat each of these symptoms and have a better quality of life!

Why with Us?

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